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For many SMEs, finding the time to perfect a productive HR process that encompasses reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, making hiring decisions then training new staff on the different workplace policies can be incredibly draining on valuable time and resources.

I Can Do It VA Services, can help you to finetune this heavy workload and put procedures in place s, ensuring that you still get the best candidates and that your staff policies are kept up to date for everyone in your organisation.

We offer a wide range of Virtual Assistant HR services such as; crafting perfect job descriptions, scheduling interviews (both face-to face and online), shortlisting the best candidates against your requirements, reviewing in-house policy and procedures for staff and more.

Why Choose Us to support your Organisation’s HR!

Clarity and organisation are vital skills to both recruitment and employee management. Therefore, having our excellent Virtual Assistant HR services will give you the peace of mind that your processes are being made as efficient and successful as possible.

Our Virtual Assistant skills give us the ability to easily and quickly organise your recruitment process to help eliminate poor recruitment and to implement a much more efficient level of candidate selection than previously.

Not only this, but in a world where staff policies and procedures are forever changing – we can support you in the reviewing and implementation of the most practical solutions for all possible eventualities.

A word from our Clients
“Jeannette understood the brief straight away and provided a brilliant service with a fast turnaround. I highly recommend I Can Do It VA Services”.

Danielle Heward
DH Professional Services

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Virtual Recruitment

For multiple hires, or for roles that require a specific skill set/qualification, there can often be a long and drawn out recruitment process that takes time away from you or members of your team in writing job descriptions, listing them, reviewing candidates, following up, scheduling interviews and all of this is before you can make any decision on who to hire.

I Can Do It VA Services can streamline this process by managing some of this workload virtually saving you time, space and money making the whole process more cost effective

We’ll meet with you to discuss your recruitment requirements in detail, establishing the essential and desirable qualities you require in candidates, then we can help with the advertising and shortlisting candidates for the role. We can then take your office schedule and book interviews with the best candidates at the times most suitable to you/your team, making the entire process seamless for everyone involved.

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Review & Updating Staff Policies/Procedures

However large or small your organisation may be it is crucial to have up to date and practical workplace policies and procedures. From GDPR to lone working rules, there needs to be clarity and understanding amongst your workforce at all times. With many areas including the two that are mentioned above – the procedures and best practices in adhering to these are ever-changing. Yet changing these policies yourself and/or having members of your staff see to it can be very time-consuming and counter-productive for your business.

BY providing the updates to us, we can go through your policies and documentation to make the necessary changes and we can even assist you in briefing your teams on the steps they must be following in order to be compliant with these policies when at work. 


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