Lifestyle Management

Balancing the collision between career and home life when you’re striving to further a business can be incredibly stressful, so having a virtual assistant help with all aspects of lifestyle management can really take the pressure off you and allow you to focus on your career, safe in the knowledge that your home life is being managed well.

I Can Do It VA Services can be your personal virtual lifestyle managers; booking appointments, researching and purchasing gifts/cards for friends and family, helping to arrange your next family holiday and even helping to review and manage your personal finances such as utility bills.

Why Choose Us As Your Virtual Lifestyle Assistants!

I Can Do It VA Services truly care about the wellbeing of all our clients, and in many cases we are able to make a huge difference when it comes to assisting with giving them a much healthier work-life balance. Lot’s of business owners feel that they have to spend every minute of every day running or growing their business – which always means that their personal life is neglected.

Given that two thirds of people believe that their work-life balance is negatively impacting their personal relationships, there is a real reason to outsource your lifestyle management to a Virtual Assistant. Together, we can quickly achieve a position of clarity and structure to bring you a healthier balance between professional and private arrangements.

A word from our Clients
“Jeannette has always been dedicated, loyal and an extremely hard worker. Making many friends and supporting many organisations and individuals over the years with her fabulous attention to detail, organisational skills and amazing administrative skills. Jeannette gets to know people individually, understanding their needs and requirements and will work around the clock to deliver. I would certainly recommend working with Jeannette”.
Laura Simpson
MD, Authentically Me

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Appointment Scheduling

Have you been meaning to call your doctor or dentist to get an appointment but keep finding that by the time you remember, they’ve already closed for the day? This is a common problem when you’re working early mornings through to late evenings and your time is taken up by the mountain of work you have to get through.

Well, we can help schedule all manner of medical appointments for you, once we have your practitioner’s information and you give us some information as to what it is you need we can get the appointments booked and even check against your diary to make sure that it won’t clash with an important meeting.

Sourcing & Sending Gifts and Cards

Sourcing gifts can be really time-consuming. Remembering every occasion and when things need to be sent/delivered is almost a job in itself at some points of the year. I Can Do It VA Services can help you relax safely in the knowledge that your personal calendar is being monitored for whose birthday or anniversary it is – and we can remind you at the best time in order for you to be able to keep on top of it all.
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Holiday Planning, Family Trips & Occasions

Your holidays should always be about relaxing and spending time with those closest to you, but planning the occasion can be a nightmare as well as time consuming! So why not give us your your family preferences and let us research the perfect holiday (along with travel arrangements) for you. Then once you’ve had time to check through the details we can save you even more time by completing the booking for you.

With knowledge of your personal and professional calendars lifestyle management companies can also suggest when is best for you to take time off, be it around a child’s birthday or when your work life is least busy I Can Do IT are expert logistical thinkers so we can evaluate the timings perfectly for you!

Private Financial Planning

If you’re already having to manage and allocate the funding of a busy organisation, then the last thing you want to be having to worry about is your utility bills, pension plans and other private expenses.

Working with you closely as your lifestyle virtual assistant, we can help alleviate the pressure of being the family financial planner and help take care of the private finances, which can be so time consuming to manage. To help you make the most of your money we can compare the best quotes on different services and present the information in an easy to understand format so you can see at a glance the best options for you,  that will help leave you with the funds needed to enjoy yourself once you leave the working world behind.


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