Events & Meetings

From running effective team building sessions to planning the best possible conference  – there are a whole range of different events that organisations run both internally and externally, online and in person

However large or small, organising events can be time consuming and when you have accommodation/travel to arrange as well as all other manner of tedious admin tasks it soon eats away at the time you have to focus on what is important.

At I Can Do It VA Services, we are experts in all things events both virtual and in person.  We have a keen understanding of things such as virtual team building activities, virtual team events as well as exhibitions, corporate social events,  travel booking, venue sourcing and much much more.

Why Choose Us As Your Virtual Assistant!

I Can Do It VA Services alleviate the pressure on busy business owners and help them to work as efficiently as possible. So when it comes to Events & Meetings we have a whole range of different services available for our clients to take advantage of.

We work incredibly closely with each and every one of our wonderful clients, and being able to take the pressure off them in their hectic working schedule is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. As noted recently the average worker on an 8 hour working day will actually only be productive for around 2 hours and 53 minutes – which is why having our help as your Virtual Assistant can seriously make an impact on the overall performance of your organisation.

A word from our Clients
“Jeannette’s experience at organising events large or small means that whatever we require, whether it is an online workshop or a larger in-person event, we can rest assured that Jeannette will take care of everything and provide us with little reminders of anything we may have overlooked.  Jeannette takes care of everything from marketing the event to after care for our clients and everything in between”.

Michelle McArthur-Morgan

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Venue Sourcing

Perhaps this is the first time that you have run any kind of event for your business and you’re not sure where to look for the right venue? Well, as virtual assistants we’ve built a wealth of experience in event planning and management so sourcing the ideal venue based around your needs is something we’re confident we can deliver on.

Once we understand the type, size and needs for your event we can research the best locations and venues based on cost and practicality to help make sure that your event is a success.

Event Planning

From informal, party-like events to corporate meetings, team building activities and training days – as experienced and efficient virtual event planners, we can liaise with all relevant parties in order to ensure that your event has the desired outcome for everyone involved.

We can also provide services such as attendee and speaker management to ensure that your time isn’t taken up with the booking of guests, speakers and other attendees.

Whatever event it is that you’re planning and whichever elements of the organisation you feel that you’ll need help with, get in touch today and we can work with you to make your event the best possible!

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VA Travel Booking & Accommodation

Around any event or meeting there can often be the need for many travel arrangements to be made for you, your colleagues or your guests. All of this administration can become very overwhelming very quickly, so why not use our organisational skills and keen knowledge of logistics to make the booking of all your travel and accommodation needs effortless.

Our VA travel booking services range from researching the quickest or most cost-effective routes, to booking parking or communicating the travel arrangements to your team. All ways in which you can save time and eliminate the possibility of errors as much as possible.

For longer overnight stays we can also research and book the best accommodation for you and your team making sure that the accommodation is the best fit for your needs.

Virtual Team Events

Yes, we are Virtual Assistants and we can help you manage the planning and build up to your events, including virtual team events. 2020 changed the world of work for good with the move toward hybrid workforces being massively accelerated and with this came the need for organisations to find new ways of strengthening and developing their teams virtually as well as building a social network online.  

I Can Do It VA Services have access to a whole range of virtual team building and social activities  that can really benefit the HR side of your business. Given that 75% of people believe virtual team events have made them more effective at their jobs, running these kinds of sessions can massively impact the productivity of your team.

On the Day Event Support

Whether you require onsite or virtual support, add us to your team for the day and we can take control of things ‘behind the scenes’ so you can focus on your attendees making sure they get the best experience possible. If your event is being held face to face we can be there to welcome your guests, assisting with registration and the handing out of delegate packs and badges . . . and for your virtual events, add us as a co-host and we can be available to support your production by taking care of any technical issues and queries, managing chat and generally looking out for you and your guests, leaving you to focus on the event itself.

Post-Event Follow Up

Once an event is complete, it is easy to forget about it and move on to the next thing but garnering feedback on the content of the day as well as the physical logistics of the event can play an important part in the growth and development of your organisation in the future..


It is a fine balancing act to weigh up the importance of  gathering and processing this feedback against the value of your time but together we can identify the things you want to know about and then you can let us do the rest. So we will not only gather the information from attendees but we will also process and analyse the data into a clear and understandable format for you and your team to use.


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