Whether digital documentation or more traditional paper based documents, there is still a great necessity for organisations to manage their documentation effectively.

At I Can Do It VA Services, we are on hand to assist with a whole range of documentation services, From copy typing and proofreading to minute taking and record keeping.


Our Pledge To Business Owners

I Can Do It VA Services offer outstanding documentation services to business owners and managers who need to consolidate their administration hours in order to run more efficiently. Our process for establishing a working relationship is simple and easy, making your transition from in-house admin to outsourced virtual administration services seamless.

We work alongside you to garner a great understanding of your processes both internally and externally so we can create, edit and manage  the documentation for your organisation.

Given that almost half of business owners say that procuring a Virtual Assistant for documentation services can solve business capacity issues, there is a clear benefit from allowing us to manage your organisations documents, enabling you to focus on the things that really matter.


Most business owners have at some point sent a document to a colleague, client or customer that contained spelling and grammatical errors – and the reason – they claim that they lack the time to proofread every document. Although errors such as this may be minor they can still be damaging to your reputation as a professional organisation.

I Can Do It VA Services are able to take any and all written material that your organisation produces and with our talent for proofreading every detail we can help to ensure that your documents are professional and consistent.

With knowledge of the focus points of writing we ensure that all proofreading eliminates grammatical and spelling errors, that they adhere to your in-house style and that text structure (such as paragraphing) is consistent and appropriately used.

A word from our Clients
“I was introduced to Jeannette at a virtual networking meeting and we touched base afterwards. From hearing her impressive CV we knew we would be in safe hands if we sent anything her way. We weren’t wrong! As a 1 man band the hardest part is getting it out of your head and onto paper and Jeanette made this simple with her clear and concise approach. We will be using Jeanette for most of our admin tasks going forward, allowing me to focus on other aspects of the business. We have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so”.

Lee Seymour
Removal Specialist, A Van About Town

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A step up from having us simply proofread your written content would be to have us actually construct the perfect documentation for internal or external use.

Experienced in copywriting, we can take your vision of certain documentation and bring it to life!

Experienced copywriters can bring a whole new level to the documentation produced by an organisation, and given that the majority of readers will often only consume around 20% of written content per page, it is vital that all your documentation is drafted in a way most attractive to your intended audience.

Virtual Administration

From data entry to CRM management and record keeping, there are many other regions of documentation beside copywriting and proofreading.

Virtual Administration encompasses areas such as; template creation, presentation drafting, digital research, minute taking and more.

These smaller tasks may seem more manageable, but when you take into account the other daily tasks you and your organisation have to prioritise, having an experienced helping hand who can take the reins on providing administrative services virtually to your organisation really can make the  difference.

These necessary tasks can not only be time consuming but many organisations can miss having consistency in these areas if there are multiple people responsible for them. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to provide that clarity is a great way to improve your overall business performance.

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Letters & Mail Merging

Postal Mailshot Marketing is still one of the most successful outreach tools for organisations today, especially those with a limited local service area.

Utilising mailshots to prospective clients/customers can be stressful and costly if not done correctly. I Can Do It VA Services can help with the whole process from start to finish. Gathering the information of your local target audience, processing this into a mail merge spreadsheet, then crafting the perfect outreach content for you to send out in the post.

Perhaps your mailshot isn’t aimed as a marketing technique however? Well Virtual Assistant Mail can help here too! It could be that you send a regular newsletter or announcements through the post to colleagues, clients or customers – and with a consistent and streamlined approach, we can manage this process which will not only save your valuable time but also reduce your costs.

Other Documentation Services

Our Documentation Services are not limited to just the above. We also provide a range of additional support including but not limited to:

  • Creating and Branding PowerPoint Presentations
  • Drafting Policies and Procedures
  • Creating & Managing Spreadsheets
  • Updating of Client Records
  • Document & Spreadsheet Formatting
  • Content Editing
  • Standardisation
  • Scanning and Archiving

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Let’s get started

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