Digital & Social Media

As society transitions further into a more digitally reliant world, organisations need to be reflecting this in both their internal and external digital practices to ensure they are not left behind.

Given that 57% of people will now follow a brand or organisation on social media to keep up to date with all events, products and services, having a consistent brand across social media is vital for organisations who want to continue to expand.

I Can Do It VA Services are committed to helping your organisation with the digital challenges that you could face from social media content creation, social media scheduling, account management, email marketing and much more.

Why Outsource Your Digital & Social Media Channels

Keeping on top of your digital and social media channels can be hard – especially for busy entrepreneurs – and hiring a qualified digital marketer can lead to large overheads.

Many people, whether it’s customers or fellow professionals will be discouraged from doing business with an organisation that comes across as inactive online. The impression that you are not operating efficiently (or even operating at all) can be easily given by an inactive public facing digital presence.

I Can Do It VA Services are able to provide that area of consistency to your digital efforts so you can remain digitally active and attractive to your customers.

A word from our Clients
“A big thanks to Jeannette Morgan for all her help in getting our ‘Sweet Taste of Success’ promotion off the ground . . . “

Dave Stankler
Director, Rhubarb Radio

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Social Media Management

We offer full social media management and support to your business, giving you the free time to be able to focus on more pressing day to day assignments and our professional team will use their experience to support your organization’s efforts to portray the best possible image of your business on social media.

Be it engaging with responses on social media posts that the business has put out or dealing with service requests on the platform, we can work with you to ensure that both image and service are well represented at all times.

We can also assist with the planning and strategy for social media posts from arranging and sourcing relevant material to using analytics and strategy to develop effective post subjects and scheduling.

Social Media Content Creation

Simply having a social media presence is not enough for most organisations these days. The kind of content that you produce needs to be done in such a way that users will engage with you and choose your organisation over your competitors.

Given that 49% of consumers will stop following or refuse to buy from an organisation that is producing poor social media content it is imperative for you to produce the best possible social media content and that it is tailored to your target audience.

 I Can Do It VA Services work with you to establish the messages you would like your social media content to convey, and then help create meaningful and effective posts that will be sure to grab the attention of users.

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Social Media Scheduling

Did you know that there are better times than others for an organisation to be posting? Well, there is a whole art to perfecting the optimal posting schedule depending on the nature of your business, for your social media channels to be a successful tool in raising brand awareness.

For example, a food based business would be best posting around meal times throughout the day as this is when users on these platforms will most likely be interested in their content. Whereas a fashion based client needs to be more active around monthly paydays as this is when their target audience has the most disposable income to spend on their products.

I Can Do It VA Services, can work with you on your social media scheduling and then using our organisational experience help carry out the work to great effect, thus boosting your organisation’s overall performance online.

Email Marketing

Though direct mailshots can have a better conversion rate, email marketing is by far the more cost-effective way to boost awareness amongst your target audience. From newsletters, to discount vouchers and promotional materials utilising email marketing campaigns can really help to push potential customers/clients over the line.

As experienced administrators we’ve encountered nearly every kind of email marketing tactic giving us extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, meaning you can rest safe in the knowledge that if we’re looking after your email marketing, you’ll be on the way to greatly improving your external comms in no time.

Social Networking

I Can Do It VA recognizes the importance of networking for businesses, but keeping on top of it, especially when attending multiple events can take up a lot of time better spent elsewhere. Our connection experts can research events both beforehand and afterwards to ensure that you have access to all attendees and are able to communicate with them long after the event is over. We can do this in a range of ways from combing through lists of event attendees and sending connection requests to reaching out to people on your behalf prior to the event to highlight opportunities and leads.

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