Diary & Email Management

From VA scheduling to managing the activity of a client’s email inbox, at I Can Do It VA Services we take the stress of administration away from our client’s and allow them to focus on what really matters.

Perhaps you’re working for an SME, you’re in a high-pressure executive role or you’ve already established a successful business. But now, you feel that your time is better spent on planning strategies, networking or leading your team rather than being bogged down in tedious admin, such as emailing or booking meetings. Well, a VA is most certainly for you! In fact, a recent study by Stanford University has found that organisations using a VA will see around a 13% increase in productivity.

I Can Do It VA Services  are experienced VA’s with a wealth of knowledge on how to correctly carry out routine tasks such as diary management, email management, appointment scheduling and much  more.

Email Inbox Management

Keeping your inbox under control! A Virtual Assistant business can help manage and prioritise your inbox content. No longer will important emails be lost amongst your spam. We can keep a track of what needs responding to as well as marking what is and isn’t useful for your inbox.

There is an ever-increasing amount of digital communication within the workplace, and the expectation is that in 2021 around 246 billion emails will be sent/received daily. Now really is the time for organisations to invest in outsourcing their email management to ensure they can maintain a high level of productivity.

A word from our Clients
“Having worked with Jeannette for over a decade I can wholeheartedly recommend her exemplary efficiency, diligence, and ability to bring order to what would otherwise be chaos. Above all, Jeannette has that alchemical ability to ‘get stuff done’”.
Colin Williams
University of Oxford

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Email Folder Management

Email Folder Management is vital to keeping a good structure to your administration. Many organisations will use a number of email addresses therefore compart structuring your inboxes to ensure that relevant emails are sent to relevant folders is crucial to attain an optimal level of productivity.

From organising supplier emails, external/internal, finance and more, using a Virtual Assistant for your email folder management is one of the best ways for you to avoid a cluttered and counter-productive inbox.

Email Flagging

Flagged emails help you manage your own inbox with much more ease. Microsoft Outlook themselves see email flagging as one of the best ways to help create virtual to-do lists for both yourself and your recipients.

Our Virtual Assistant services can help to flag emails in your inbox appropriately to ensure that not only are irrelevant communications reduced, but your inbox is well prioritised and you know exactly what needs to be taken care of at each part of your working week.

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Mail Management

(Responding & Forwarding)

Colleagues, Clients and Customers will always appreciate timely and well structured responses, I Can Do It VA Services are able to give you the peace of mind that emails are being replied to/forwarded accordingly and without delay. Thus, allowing you more time to focus on what matters most to you and your organisation.

With remote working expected to remain a large part of many organisations’ day to day operations, having clear and fast responses communicated throughout your organisation will be vital. Our Mail Management service can really help provide that boost to your output.

VA Scheduling & Diary Management

From booking calls, meetings and appointments, or blocking out time for specific tasks, I Can Do It VA Services offer flexible and efficient Diary Management to help you keep on top of your busy schedule.

Whilst diary management is often thought of as simple organisation, there are many other time consuming areas that we can help with. For example, if you’re meeting a client in another area of the country, we can help source travel and accommodation arrangements for you.

Let’s also not forget about your personal life too! Virtual Assistants can help block book personal time in your diary in order to help you sustain a more even work-life balance, alongside helping you to arrange personal appointments that you have, not just professional ones!

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