We give you time!

With over 30 years’ experience organising, planning and delivering tasks and projects in the Private, Public and Third Sectors I Can Do It VA Services offer you a safe way to scale up your business at a rate you can afford.

We offer professional business services to Owners and Managers helping you to grow and develop your business to where you want it to be. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and we thrive on completing challenges, problem-solving and being able to add new skills to our portfolio on a daily basis.

Communication is paramount and we firmly believe in setting expectations with clients from the beginning so as not to disappoint. We like to be able to see results and believe in making things visual, so they are easy for everyone to understand and digest at a glance.

As founder of the business, Jeannette brings with her extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry and is used to working with personnel at all levels from ‘the shop floor’ through to senior personnel in large national/international organisations.  Having worked alongside organisations such as NATO and NCSC IT security is always at the forefront of Jeannette’s mind and she firmly believes confidentiality, integrity and availability are key to the success of any organisation.  As well as being skilled in awide range of business software applications, Jeannette also hold’s a valid DBS certificate and is a qualified mental health first aider.

Over 30 years experience

Helping people just like you!


Why choose us?

I Can Do It VA Services can offer support to your business as and when needed and we are always ready to face any challenge you put before us.  There are no lengthy recruitment/training processes or associated overheads as there is
with an employee so we can be up and running on your tasks in just a few days from your initial enquiry.

At I Can Do It VA Services we are used to working with a diverse range of clients from the Public, Private and Third sectors, ranging from small-medium enterprises (SME’s), through to multi-national organisations.

Whether it be general office skills such as copy typing, data input, creating spreadsheets or answering emails, we can do all of these things and if you have a skills gap in a more specialist area such as CRM, emarketing or social media then we can fill that
role also which means you get your valuable time back to do the more demanding jobs in your organisation that only you can do.

Our working hours are flexible, including evening and weekend availability and working to a tight deadline is a challenge not a problem!

I Can Do It VA Services are always ready to face any challenge you put before us.  We are that extra pair of hands that are available as and when you need them… and the great thing is there are no lengthy recruitment/training processes or associated
overheads as there is with an employee!

Let's get started

If you would like a no-obligation consultation to find out more about how our services can be of benefit to your business, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you might have.

Why choose a Virtual Assistant?

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development it is a well-known fact that on average employees do less than 3 hours productive work in a standard 8 hour shift. By choosing to use our VA Services you can benefit from:

• Increased productivity – We will complete your work on time to meet agreed deadlines
• Savings on Labour Costs – No PAYE, NI, holiday, sickness, employee benefits
• Availability of Specialist Skills – We have a range of specialist skills which means that you can choose the person with the right skill set for the job rather than trying to fit the job to the person
• More Flexibility – We work when you need us (out of normal business hours, evening, weekends, Bank Holidays)
• Only pay for the work that is done – Time and/or task basis. Before starting your work we will agree the fee based upon the work involved meaning you know the cost upfront
• Additional support as and when needed with no timebound commitment – Seasonal or peak times
• No requirement for valuable office space or investment in equipment – we provide our own desk space, IT hardware and software (unless of course you want us to use yours)